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About Ranachem

Ranachem Co. has been established in order to produce various kinds of industrial paints and specialized coatings. The company's factory is located in the Sepehr industrial region of the city of NazarAbad that is equipped with a specialized laboratory, machineries and advanced equipments for the purpose of mass production. Ranachem Co. enjoys the experience and skills of managers and engineers who have been involved in this industry for more than two decades. Currently Ranachem Co. manufactures industrial paints and coatings required by Iranian giant industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, steel , water and sewage and different kinds of metal structures and it is on the vendors' lists of qualified and authorized vendors of coatings required by the aforementioned  . . .  More  . . .

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      Unit#38.10th floor,No38,
      Ahmad ghasir St.Tehran,Iran
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BTel :  +98 21 88102658 - 9
              +98 21 88727031 - 2

BFax : +98 21 88728611
BEmail : info@ranachem.com
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