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Product information 

1-Excellent resistance to water, saline water and solvents.

2-Excellent resistance to alkali, acid and oils.

3-Designed for application directly over steel.

4-Excellent protective coating in corrosive environments.

Physical data

Colour:                                                       customer request

Finish:                                                        Semi flat-SEMI GLASS

Flash point:

           resin:                                             34°c

           cure:                                              36°c

           solvent:                                         28°c

Volume solids:                                          54 ±2%

D.F.T:                                                         100-150  microns

Specific gravity(mixed):                          1.3 ±  0.05gr/cm3    

Theoretical coverage:                             5.4m2 /lit (at 100 µ D.F.T)

Drying time at 25°c:

                touch dry:                                3 hrs

        dry to handle:                                  6hrs

                 full cure:                                 7 days

Component:                                             2

Pot life:                                                      4 hrs at 25 °c:

Mixing ratio(by volume):

                                     resin:                 refer to can label

                                     cure:                  refer to can label

Application methods:                              conventional spray or brush or

                                                              airless spray or roller

Recoat intervals*:                                10°c                 25°c              40°c

(mild condition) :  Min:                          20  hrs            9 hrs            4  hrs

                      **Max:                          NONE             NONE         NONE

**Maximum Recoat: Unlimited. Must have a clean, dry surface for top coating.”Loose” chalk or salts must be removed in              .        accordance with good painting practice. Drying time is temperature, humidity, and fi lm thickness dependent

Recommended thinner:                          RANA THINN 87

Recommended cleaner:                        RANA CLEAN 87

Shelf life:                                                   12 months when stored indoors in unopened

Original containers at 5 to 40°c (cool and dry


Curing mechanism:                                by solvent release and reaction by

                                                                    curing  agent and resin

Substrate:                                                 primed steel

* : For recoating the surface should be free of dust ,grease  and contamination.

Typical uses

As a coating  for interior and exterior of pipeline and

storage tanks of  oils ,acid, alkali, solvents and chemical materials .

Application information

This RANA CHEM’s product is a epoxy phenolic coating

which has excellent resistance to  chemical material,

alkali , acid , oil and water .

To obtain the maximum performance for which this product

is formulated,strict adherence to all application,instructions,

precautions,conditions and limitations is necessary.


Application equipment

The following equipment is listed as a guide and suitable

equipment from other manufactures may be used.

Adjustments of pressure and change of tip size may be

needed to obtain the proper spray characteristics.

1-Airless spray: standard airless spray equipment having

        a fine finish tip with a 0.4 mm to a 0.55 mm or larger.

2-Conventional spray: industrial equipment with suitable

   aircap having  a fluid tip with a 1.6-1.8 mm orifice .

3-Mixer: mixer must be powered by an air motor or an explosion

   proof electric motor.


1-Handle with care.

2-Avoid inhalation of possible solvent vapours or

  paint mist,as well as paint contact with skin and eyes.

3-Apply only in well ventilated areas and ensure that

  adequate forced ventilation exists when paint applies is


 In confined spaces or when the air is stagnant.

4-Always take precautions against the risks of fire

 and explosions.

5-Harmful or fatal if swallowed,immediately seek medical

 assistance if swallowed.

6-Use fresh air masks and explosion proof equipment.

Application procedure

1-Flush  equipment with cleaner before use.

2-Stir resin to an even consistency with a power mixer.

3-Add cure to resin and continue stirring for 5 minutes.

Note: since the pot life is limited and shortened by high

Temperatures ,do not mix more material than will be used

In 4 hours at 25 °c.

4- Thinning  with FARCO THINN 16 as needed for workability .

5-Stir during application to maintain uniformity of material

and apply a wet coat in even parallel passes after 20 minutes.

6-Clean all equipment with cleaner immediately after use.

Environmental condition

      Environmental temperature must be 10-40°c.

Surface temperature must be at least 3°c above dew point

      to prevent condensation. At freezing temperature surface

      must be free of ice and relative humidity below  80 %.

Surface preparation

Sand blasting to standard of Sa 2.5 – Sa3 , SIS 05 5900 , ISO 8501-1.

The surface must be clean and dry .all dirt, grease and other

 foreign materials ` should be removed .


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