Chemical construction


Building chemistry includes all kinds of concrete additives, coatings, adhesives, insulators, sealing materials, grout and … Click to view Building Chemical Products.

Building Paints

نمای بیرونی ساختمان -

Building paints are used in residential environments. And each of these environments has its own characteristics and needs. Click  to view the paints of the products

Industrial paints

Industrial paints are used in industrial environments for the coloring and coating of industrial products. Click to view industrial paints products


Ranachem Co. enjoys the experience and skills of managers and engineers who have been involved in this industry for more than two decades. Currently Ranachem Co. manufactures industrial paints and coatings required by Iranian giant industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, steel , water and sewage and different kinds of metal structures and it is on the vendors’ lists of qualified and authorized vendors of coatings required by the aforementioned industries.

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