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رنگ ضد حریق


Product information 

1-Good adhesion to properly pretreated

   galvanized steel.

2-Can be used in systems for atmospheric or water

    immersed exposure conditions.

3-Good adhesion characteristics for subsequent coats.

4-Good resistance to industrial or chemical contaminated

    atmospheric exposure conditions.

5-Good abrasion resistance.

Physical data    

Colour:                                                               Grey

Finish:                                                                Flat

Flash point:

           Resin:                                            34°c

           Cure:                                             36°c

           Solvent:                                         28°c

Volume solids:                                                  89±2%

D.f.t:                                                                    50-70  microns

Specific gravity(mixed)::                                 1.57±  0.05gr/cm3   

Theoritical coverage:                                       12.4m2 /lit (at 50 µ d.f.t)

  Drying time at 25°c:

                Touch dry:                               6 hrs

          Dry to handle:                               24 hrs

                  Full cure:                               7 days

Component:                                                     2

Pot life:                                                              4 hrs at 25 °c:

Mixing ratio(by volume):

                            Resin:                         refer to can label

                              Cure:                        refer to can label

Application methods:                                      conventional spray or

                                                             Airless spray or roller

Recoat intervals* :                                             10°c                 25°c              40°c

(mild condition) :  Min:                                20  hrs             9 hrs            4  hrs

                             **Max:                            NONE             NONE         NONE

**Maximum Recoat: Unlimited. Must have a clean, dry surface for top coating.”Loose” chalk or salts must be removed in              .   accordance with good painting practice. Drying time is temperature, humidity, and fi lm thickness dependent

Recommended thinner:                          RANA  THINN 84

        Recommended cleaner:                       RANA CLEAN 84

* : For recoating the surface should be free of dust ,grease  and contamination


       Shelf life:                                                   one year when stored indoors unopened

Original containers at 5 to 40°c (dry and cool  place)

Curing mechanism:                                by solvent release and reaction by

                                                                    Curing agent and resin

Substrate:                                                 steel and primed steel ,galvanized

Typical uses

1-Zinc rich primed steel parts.

2-Galvanized steel sheets.


4-Shop primed steel.

Application information

This RANA CHEM’s product is a poly amin cured

micaceous iron oxide coating for industrial and marine use.

To obtain the maximum performance for which this product

is formulated,strict adherence to all application ,instructions,

precautions,conditions and limitations is necessary.

Application equipment

The following equipment is listed as a guide and suitable

equipment from other manufactures may be used.

Adjustments of pressure and change of tip size may be

Needed to obtain the proper spray characteristics.

1-Airless spray:standard airless spray equipment having

a 28:1 or higher pump ratio and a  fluid tip with a 0.457 to 0.660 mm


2-Conventional spray:industrial equipment with suitable

 aircap having  a fluid tip with a 2 – 2.2 mm orifice .

3 -Mixer:mixer must be powered by an air motor or an explosion

proof electric motor.

4- Roller.



1-Handle with care.

2-Avoid inhalation of possible solvent vapours or

paint mist,as well as paint contact with skin and eyes.

3-Apply only in well ventilated areas and ensure that

adequate forced ventilation exists when paint applies is in

confined spaces or when the air is stagnant.

4-Always take precautions against the risks of fire

and explosions.

6-Harmful or fatal if swallowed,immediately seek medical


7-Use fresh air masks and explosion proof equipment.

Application procedures    

1-Flush  equipment with cleaner before use.

2-Stir resin to an even consistency with a power mixer.

3-Add cure to resin and continue stirring for 5 minutes.

Note: Since the pot life is limited and shortened by high

temperatures ,do not mix more material than will be used

in 4 hours at 25 °c.

4-Thinning  with RANA THINN 84 as needed for workability.

5-Stir during application to maintain uniformity of material

and apply a wet coat in even parallel passes after 20 minutes.

6-Clean all equipment with cleaner immediately after use.

Environmental condition

      Environmental temperature must be 10-40°c.

      Surface temperature must be at least 3°c above dew point

      to prevent condensation. At freezing temperature surface

      must be free of ice and relative humidity below 80 %.

Surface preparation

The surface must be clean and dry .All dirt grease and other

foreign  materials  should be removed .Old primed surface must

be smoothly wire brushed.

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